Metal Art Bar Display (10 Piece Modular Kit)


This metal art BAR display kit is wonderful decor for any home, kitchen, restaurant, or bar.
You probably have never seen anything like it.
Remember... this is a exclusive and you saw it here first!

The Metal-Art-Decor Bar Display kit contains small versions of of our Martini, Margarita, Wine Bottle, and Beer Mug.
They are held together by connectors and topped off by the "BAR" label.

What is so special about the Bar Display?
The Metal-Art-Decor BAR display is modular.
This means you can change the items, change the overall shape, and change the positions of the pieces for different configurations. For example, you can move the drinks around, or remove one if you like. You can change the black connector positions (make a square, diamond, or even a "W" shape). You can also tilt (angle) the drinks or "BAR" shapes as you wish!
Imagine... an artistic display that YOU can modify and customize!

10 Piece Bar Display Kit includes:
(5) Connectors (16" long, painted flat black)
(1) Wine Bottle and Glass (10"h x 4.4"w)
(1) Margarita (8"h x 6.75"w)
(1) Beer Mug (6.3"h x 4.9" w)
(1) Martini (8"h x 6"w)
(1) "BAR" item
(Also included: the Assembly Screws and Nuts)

General Specifications:
Items are cut from steel.
Finish is black for connectors items.
Finish is grinded steel then clear-coated, on drinks and "BAR" items.

23"h x 33"w configuration

29"h x 28"w configuration


Bar Display (10 Piece Kit)
Price $179.95
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